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49ers vs. Steelers Score: Niners Defense Dominates First Half Of Monday Night Football

A game that was billed up to be the best Monday Night Football game of the years was closely contested in the first half, with defense being the prevailing theme between the 49ers and Steelers. After 30 minutes of play, San Francisco leads 6-0 courtesy of two field goals from David Akers.

The Steelers were moving the football on their first drive of the game, but an interception at the goal line halted any chance they had of scoring. The 49ers then proceeded to move the ball quickly down the field, but they were unable to convert from inside the 10-yard line. Akers hit a 22-yard field goal to cap off the drive.

The two defenses took turns making stops before San Francisco came through once again. Akers lined up and made a 38-yard field goal to give the 49ers a 6-0 lead. The Steelers attempted to score quickly in the closing minutes of the half, but they were unable to do so.

Alex Smith started well but cooled down as the game wore on. He's completed 10 of 20 passes for just 88 yards thus far. Frank Gore has 43 rushing yards on 10 attempts, while Kyle Williams leads the way with four receptions and 43 receiving yards.

The second half is about to get underway. The 49ers will receive the kickoff to begin the half.