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49ers vs. Steelers Power Outage: Candlestick Park Goes Dark Again

For the second time tonight, the power has gone out at Candlestick Park. With the 49ers and Steelers locked in an intense Monday Night Football battle, the stadium lost power at a commercial break around 6:45 PT. The first outage came at 5:19 PT as the two teams were preparing for kickoff. The blackout was caused by a blown transformer just outside of the stadium.

There has to be cause for some serious concern here. While we are fortunate to avoid any power outages while a play was in progress, one has to be concerned if the lights go off while a receiver attempts to make a catch or a fumble hits the ground. There is also concern for the fans; while there have been no reported incidents other than a person running onto the field, everything has stayed relatively calm. Stadium security has to be concerned should yet another blackout hit Candlestick.

Here are a few photos:




Power has come back on as of 6:55 PT. Play resumed after 19 minutes. If the power goes out yet again, it may cause the NFL to seriously contempt postponing the game to a later date.