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[VIDEO] David Akers Breaks 49ers Points Record With Field Goal Against Steelers

David Akers is now the all-time single-season points leader in San Francisco 49ers history. The 37-year old place-kicker converted a 22-yard field goal in the first quarter to tie Jerry Rice with 138 points, while he broke the record after nailing 38-yard in the second quarter. With the two field goals, San Francisco leads the Steelers 6-0 on Monday Night Football.

Here is video of Akers breaking the record:

A big congratulations to David Akers for his accomplishment. The 49ers have a rich football history and many excellent players have suited up for the franchise over the years. With two more games remaining on the schedule, Akers should be able to pad his record a considerable amount, especially if the woes in the red zone continue.

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