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49ers vs. Steelers Score: Niners Lead Early After Two Ben Roethlisberger Interceptions

The San Francisco 49ers have used two costly interceptions from Ben Roethlisberger to give themselves an early lead. After a quarter of play, the 49ers lead the Steelers 3-0. San Francisco nearly capped off an impressive first drive of the game with a touchdown, but their red zone woes continued as the drive stalled just a few yards away from the goal line. David Akers converted a 22-yard field goal to take the early lead.

Big Ben, who is playing on a bad ankle, is clearly being bothered by the injury and has not been sharp against a tough 49ers defense. Here is video of both interceptions:

Alex Smith has started his night off well, completing seven passes for 54 yards. Frank Gore appears to be fully healthy, rushing the ball six times for 28 yards. Michael Crabtree has been called upon early and often, brining in three passes for 26 yards.

It remains to be seen if San Francisco will be able to take advantage of the Steelers slow start, but the time is now to strike. Pittsburgh will only make so many mistakes before getting on a roll.

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