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49ers vs. Steelers Power Outage: Lights Go Off At Candlestick Park (VIDEO)

The power is out at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. Just a few minutes before kickoff was set between the 49ers and Steelers, a full power outage hit the stadium and everything went dark. Fortunately there are backup generators that are keeping the area somewhat lit, but there is no timetable for when power is expected back. The lights shut off at 5:19 PT.

There were no earthquakes in the area and sources at Candlestick did not feel any movement in the ground. This of course is the same area that saw the 1989 World Series get delayed for a massive earthquake that hit unexpectedly. Fans are remaining calm and there is plenty of security personnel assisting those in attendance.

The game will undoubtably be delayed, although we are unsure at this time if/when kickoff will take place. Here is a video of the powerless Candlestick Park.

You can see a power transformer (no, not Megatron or the Autobots) blow out in the video, which caused the power outage. Here's a GIF from inside Candlestick:


UPDATE: Power has come back on as of 5:35 PT.