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49ers New Stadium: 49ers Sell Minority Ownership Stakes To Two New Investors

According to Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News,San Francisco 49ers team owner Jed York has confirmed that his family has sold two separate 1% ownership stakes to limited-partner investors.

One of the two new investors is reportedly Gideon Yu, a 49ers executive hwo formerly worked for both Facebook and Yahoo! Kawakami's research also indicates that the other investor might be Mark Wan, who is also a limited partner of the Boston Celtics.

Yu, at least, has Silicon Valley ties, which makes it a bit interesting that this sale of stakes would come so soon after the announcement of the approved loans for the new stadium. Via Kawakami, York claimed that the sale was not "directly" related to the stadium funding effort.

Kawakami posits that the new limited partners coming in could just be a good way to infuse cash and energy into the franchise as they prepare for the daunting -- yet exciting -- prospect of constructing a new stadium.

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