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Madden NFL 12 Roster Update, Week 15: Carlos Rogers, Alex Smith Drop For 49ers

The Madden NFL 12 roster update for Week 15 is set to go live on Friday, and with it comes a list of changes for the San Francisco 49ers that you're probably not going to like. After a bad loss to the Arizona Cardinals, several players got themselves dropped in rating - some of them, in my opinion, didn't deserve it. For instance, linebacker Ahmad Brooks dropped a point, as did cornerback Carlos Rogers. Now, those are the two I have the biggest problem with.

Brooks and Rogers both played fine, they didn't deserve decreases. Some of the others might have, though. There's seven players dropping in rating and five players going up, which I suppose is good, but the increases are pretty much inconsequential, save for the one that's boosting linebacker Aldon Smith once again. Smith is now at an 86 overall and is marching closer to 90. Rogers was an 89, but now he's fallen to an 88. Make the jump for the list of changes.


WR Kyle Williams 66 to 68
OL Alex Boone 52 to 58
OL Anthony Davis 75 to 77
DL Isaac Sopoaga 83 to 84
LB Aldon Smith 85 to 86


QB Alex Smith 86 to 85
HB Frank Gore 94 to 93
WR Braylon Edwards 80 to 79
TE Vernon Davis 92 to 91
OL Jonathan Goodwin 79 to 78
LB Ahmad Brooks 82 to 81
CB Carlos Rogers 89 to 88