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James Harrison Suspended For Monday Night Football Pending Appeal

The NFL announced that it will suspend Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison for one game due to his hit on Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. Harrison has received multiple fines for such hits and the league decided this one was worth a suspension. The league's discipline process allows for discipline to factor in a player's history and Harrison has such a history with the league.

Harrison will have three days to appeal the suspension and he is expected to appeal. The NFL normally can take up to ten days for an appeal to be heard, but they have indicated any appeal would be expedited ahead of Monday's 49ers-Steelers game. The appeal will be heard by either Art Shell or Ted Cottrell who rotate on appeals.

If Harrison remains suspended for Monday's game, that is a significant loss for a tough Steelers pass defense. Harrison is second on the team with eight sacks and embodies the physical, aggressive nature of their defense. They are already unsure if they will have sack leader LaMarr Woodley.