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James Harrison Suspension News: Adam Schefter Reports It Could Come Down Tuesday

ESPN's Adam Schefter is tweeting that Steelers LB James Harrison could receive a suspension on Tuesday morning for his hit on Browns QB Colt McCoy last Thursday. As the league has created harsher and harsher rules regarding certain types of hits, Harrison has frequently been made an example by the league. He has received some of the biggest fines the league has handed out recently, and it would not be surprising to see him suspended for his big hits.

For 49ers fans, while it would be nice to remove a dominant pass rusher like Harrison from the equation, it remains to be seen if he will actually miss the Monday Night Football game. The NFL appeals process is not instantaneous, so if the timing is anything like MLB's appeals process, Harrison would likely play on Monday against the 49ers. A player can appeal a suspension within three days and a hearing is conducted within ten days of the league receiving the notice of appeal.

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