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Fantasy Football Week 14: Is Alex Smith Worth Starting Against Cardinals?

The San Francisco 49ers are in Arizona to take on their NFC West rivals the Arizona Cardinals, and fantasy football owners are presented with a choice; do I start Alex Smith or not? It's definitely a good question, with a couple of things to consider.

According to Smith is set to earn around 14 points this week on 19/31 passing for 218.71 yards, 1.46 touchdowns and 0.88 interceptions. The Cardinals are currently ranked 25th in the league in pass yards allowed at over 250 per game, and Smith carved them up last time out on November 20th for a pair of TD's and a comfortable victory.

Now Smith takes his show on the road to Arizona, where the Cardinals have been much more difficult to play. It should be a good matchup, and if you don't have anyone else more proficient, Alex Smith should be your guy this week

Here's a look at some more notable 49ers projections this week: