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49ers Vs Cardinals: Michael Crabtree Primed For Big Game

The San Francisco 49ers have seen significant buzz around their wide receiver position of late, with Braylon Edwards on the injury report yet again. Edwards hasn't been 100% almost all season, and when the media hasn't been focusing on him, they've been focusing on Kyle Williams, who has had two very good games this season, seeing his first significant playing time of his career. Against the St. Louis Rams, Williams had a 56-yard touchdown, the longest passing play by the 49ers this season, and also had a monster stiff arm that has made highlight reels around the web.

But little has been said about Michael Crabtree, who has strung together several very good games over the last few weeks. It's a great sign, considering how he's drawn the ire of fans for some time now with somewhat of a "diva" label that doesn't seem to apply anymore. He also performed well against the Cardinals the last time these two teams played, with 120 receiving yards off of seven receptions.

He was going up against Cardinals rookie Patrick Peterson, who Arizona has been matching up with teams' number one receivers. It hasn't worked out very well, but he's had a big play here and there, and it's a kind of baptism by fire move. While Crabtree is less intimidating than some of the receivers he's faced, he clearly won the first matchup and is primed to do it a second time.

And throwing the ball is something that the 49ers should really be doing. The biggest thing for them should be to not take their foot off the gas, and Michael Crabtree could certainly benefit from that.