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49ers Vs. Cardinals: Kyle Williams Should Get Significant Playing Time On Sunday

Even if the San Francisco 49ers have Braylon Edwards in the lineup on Sunday when they take on the Arizona Cardinals, the team should be giving plenty of playing time to fellow receiver Kyle Williams. For one, the team needs to limit Edwards, even if he claims to be 100% healthy. He'll need to be ready for Monday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For two, the team has struggled with their wide receiver position for years. They were potential players in the Brandon Lloyd sweepstakes this year, and Edwards hasn't lived up to expectations. Ted Ginn Jr. doesn't offer much in the ways of offense, and either way, he's a free agent after this season and a conscious effort must be made to look to the future. Josh Morgan, who started the season out strongly, is on injured reserve and is also a free agent at the end of the season.

Really, that just leaves Michael Crabtree who, on a positive note, does seem to be coming out of his shell with a few impressive games over the past few weeks. But the 49ers could be looking at a need to invest in the position next season, and if that happens to be the case, they'd best figure out what they have in Kyle Williams first. He has had two really great games this season - one against the Arizona Cardinals and the other against the St. Louis Rams.

His skillset is impressive - he's fast with a quick-twitch ability. Williams is able to get between tacklers and can break a play open any time out there. In short, he needs the ball in his hands, and the team needs to know what they have in him. He hasn't had many opportunities, and it's kind of a mystery as to why. Maybe he's not that good in practice, but he really should be getting some significant playing time on Sunday.