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49ers, Raiders Super Bowl Odds Post-Week 12

As the season continues to roll along and Bay Area football prospers somewhat unexpectedly, so does Vegas adjust itself to that fact. The San Francisco 49ers are sitting with a 9-2 record firmly atop the NFC West division and simply need to win on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams to boost themselves to a guaranteed playoff berth. At that point, they can firmly look to playoff seeding and concentrating on that. The Raiders are atop the AFC West division and continue to rattle off strong wins, with great play from quarterback Carson Palmer.

↵ recently released its Super Bowl odds following Week 12's slate of games. The 49ers drop off from last week, where they had 8/1 odds, but they're still rather high at 11/1 odds. They're at 13/2, below just the Saints and Packers in the odds to win the NFC Championship game. This is a huge change from the beginning of the season, when they had a 60/1 chance to win the Super Bowl. The Raiders started the year at 80/1 but have moved up to 28/1 in the odds this week.


Football Outsiders also has their odds, where the 49ers appear in the conference title game 58.1% of the time, win it 28.2% of the time and win the Super Bowl 13.1% of the time. These are based on the site's DVOA percentages and playing out the season 25,000 times. Oakland appears in the title game 8.1% of the time, wins it 2.7% of the time and wins the Super Bowl 1.0% of the time.