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Sam Bradford Update: Rams QB Does Not Practice, A.J. Feeley Gets Reps

The San Francisco 49ers and the St. Louis Rams prepare for what appears to be a one-sided matchup on paper. It might have gotten a little bit one more one-sided if a critical player for St. Louis doesn't play.

Sam Bradford has an ankle issue that might hamper his ability to play on Sunday. Bradford didn't practice on Thursday, which should put him at least at questionable status.  With St. Louis's season ending outside the playoff hunt, it would make sense if the Rams decided not to play him and risk further injury to the future of the franchise. A.J. Feeley is getting the current first unit reps, which probably should delight the 49ers defenders ready to get back at it after a nine-ten day layoff.

In better news for the Rams, defensive end Chris Long didn't practice, but he says he's 100% ready to go for Sunday's game.

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