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Patrick Willis Speaks To Confidence In Offense, NaVorro Bowman On 97.5 The Game

The San Francisco 49ers are 7-1 and looking good on both sides of the ball - not to mention special teams. Frank Gore is pushing the offense forward while Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman. One of those players - Patrick Willis - recently appeared on 97.5 The Game to talk about various things, but mostly about how the 49ers are doing right now and his confidence in the team to continue their winning ways moving past the mid-point of the season. Willis states that he's very confident in the offense's ability to win games if needed to. Sports Radio Interviews transcribed the appearance. After the jump, we'll have some quotes from the piece.

Willis begins with some comments on Bowman, who has been having a Pro Bowl caliber season. Analysts have called Willis and Bowman the two best middle linebackers in the NFL:

On playing alongside NaVorro Bowman, who's impressed by his stellar play so far in 2011:

"Man, I just think that NaVorro is a tremendous athlete, period. He's a guy who,  after getting to know him a little bit, didn't get to play a lot at Penn State. And I'm just like ‘how did this guy not get more playing time than he did?' But I'm just very happy that he's with us, and it's been a pleasure playing beside him."

He has some other quotes, but I think the other significant quote is regarding the 49ers offense and Willis' confidence in them to win games if they need to:

If he thinks the offense is going to be able to pick up the team in a big spot like the defense has so frequently this season:

"Yeah, whatever those guys have been doing, it's been working. Yeah, we could sit here and go ‘why can't you get more, why can't you get more, but honestly, at the end of the day they're doing their job, they're getting enough.

That's some good stuff from Willis. The transcript is here, and there's a link to the audio in that piece as well.