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VIDEO: 49ers' Bruce Miller Scores First Career Touchdown

After a slow start and two field goals, the 49ers offense really got things going with a bang in the second quarter against the Washington Redskins. Roy Helu caught a John Beck pass and turned upfield following a stalled 49ers drive, but linebacker Patrick Willis hit him and forced a big fumble, which was recovered by safety Donte Whitner. With time running out and two timeouts left (following the referee not allowing the 49ers to take one earlier in the game, for some reason), they got ready to drive down the field.

In this instance, the phrase "drive down the field" equates to "throw a thirty yard touchdown pass to the rookie fullback on the first play of the drive." That's fullback Bruce Miller - catching the first touchdown pass of his career, which is actually his first touchdown overall. Miller has been starting in place of an injured Moran Norris, but after this route, this catch and this touchdown, do you think he'll be getting his job back?