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ANIMATED: Watch Alex Smith Get Leveled By Redskins Defenders

We've been hearing San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh talk all year about the toughness of quarterback Alex Smith, and he certainly showed it against the Washington Redskins this afternoon after taking a vicious hit from two Redskins defenders. Make the jump to see the shot, or as SB Nation's Michael Katz calls it, the Alex Smith sandwich.

I was amazed that Alex Smith a) held on to the ball after taking this hit and b) that he popped right up afterwards and jogged to the sideline.



His arm is fully cocked and ready to throw and he somehow maintains possession of the football. That's more than tough, that's borderline magical.

OK, maybe not magical but still, very, very impressive.

This had been a hard hitting matchup already, and I'd expect nothing more than more hits like this in the second half.

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