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Greg Roman's Offense Isn't His, It's the '49ers Offense'

I've always been told that a great leader never accepts credit for his success, but rather places the credit on those around him. Such is the case for San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, who has been as precise as he has humble about his offensive attack this season.

"Our goal is to take all these guys who are great coaches and some of our parts just to add up to something the best we can possibly be," Roman said. "The hallmark of our offense is teamwork. That's what it is, it's teamwork."

Roman accounts the team's success with the team mentality that Coach Harbaugh has instilled around headquarters, not his game planing. The O.C. noted that he works very closely with each and every offensive coach on the team, not compartmentalizing them as separate entities. Instead they are all coming together, and directing a hungry and determined group of players:

"It all comes down to the players. We have players that want to win, and they're very talented and totally dialed in."

Coach Harbaugh earlier in the week called it Roman's offense. But Roman of course deflected the credit, calling it the "49ers" offense, and he wouldn't want it any other way.

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