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49ers vs. Redskins, Odds: Niners Run Game Drawing Bets This Sunday

If you are looking for some more specific bets to make this weekend on your favorite NFL teams, there are a few hot bets over at bodog that may or may be right up your alley.

The San Francisco 49ers run game has been spot on this season, though their rush defense has been that much more impressive. They haven't allowed a rushing TD all season, and bodog wants you to bet on whether they will or not this week:

Will the 49ers score a Rushing TD and not allow a Rushing TD Week 9? (The 49ers are the first time in 91 years to score, but not allow a rushing touchdown in each of their first seven games of the season)

Yes 5/2

No 1/4

With all the injures at the RB position out in Washington, I would say the Niners very well could keep their running game from scoring. The question is do you want to put your money up on it?

Will Frank Gore Record 125 Rushing Yards or more Week 9 for a 5th straight week?

Yes +200

No -300

The 'Skins rank 21st in rushing yards allowed at over 120 a game, so I'd say this is a definite possibility here as well. Once again, does you wallet agree with you though?