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49ers Vs. Ravens, Harbaugh Bowl Score: Baltimore Up 13-6, Joe Flacco With A Masterful Drive

The San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens are battling in the trenches, and both split the third quarter halfway. The biggest difference is that one team got into the end zone and the other didn't.

San Francisco started the second half at the 20 down three after a touchback. Alex Smith did a pretty good job finding Michael Crabtree for eight yards and 18 yards on 3rd and 17, bu the was sacked twice and that eventually stalled the drive. David Akers ended up kicking a 52 yard field goal to tie things up after a 7 minute, 30 second drive.

Baltimore came right back with a 7 minute, 30 second plus drive of their own, and it was the turn of Joe Flacco to wheel and deal. Flacco found Anquan Boldin for seven yards, Lee Evans for eight yards, Ed Dickson for fifteen yards, Vonta Leach for 10 yards, and found Dennis Pitta twice for 11 yards and an eight yard touchdown. Baltimore is now in good position up seven, as their defense just forced a three and out and now have a chance to really make their mark in this one.

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