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49ers Vs. Ravens Score: Baltimore Leads 6-3 At Half; Alex Smith Two Minute Drill Ends In End Zone INT

After the Baltimore Ravens took a late 6-3 first half lead, Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers looked to make an immediate response and try and march down the field. Smith found Frank Gore for nine yards, Ted Ginn Jr. for 12 yards, Michael Crabtree for 10 yards and Vernon Davis for seven yards and Delane Walker for three yards on 4th and three (and there was a defensive penalty on the play). It looked like San Francisco was in good position to at least tie the game before halftime.

Then Smith decided to go for an immediate response and go deep to the end zone, but the ball was a bit underthrown, and Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb was in perfect position to box out 49ers wide receiver Braylon Edwards and make the interception. Baltimore took a knee to go into halftime with the narrow lead over San Francisco.

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