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49ers Vs. Ravens, Harbowl 2011 Score: Baltimore Up 3-0 With Big Plays By Joe Flacco, Anquan Boldin, Ray Rice

The Baltimore Ravens started by moving the ball early on the San Francisco 49ers. After a few short rushes by Ray Rice that forced Baltimore into a 3rd and 4 at the Baltimore 31, Joe Flacco connected with Anquan Boldin up the middle of the field to take advantage of a hole right inside the 49er pass defense. Flacco then hit Boldin again for 16 yards on the next play to put the Ravens into field goal range. Rice then bounced a run to the outside on 2nd and 9 for a ten yard gain.

The 49ers defense stiffened after that, thanks to a big hit by Patrick Willis on Ricky Williams and pressure that flushed Flacco out of the pocket and force a throwaway. Billy Cundiff hit a 39 yard field goal to put the Ravens up first.

The Niners received the ball, but couldn't do anything on their opening drive and were forced to punt. Alex Smith hit Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree on short routes, but on 3rd down Smith tried rolling out and was hit for a one yard loss by Tom Zbikowski.

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