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11 Things To Be Thankful For In 2011

You have the rest of the year to complain about the Giants' offense or the NBA lockout. Here are 11 things you, the Bay Area sports fan, can be thankful for.

It might not look it, but this writing thing's pretty easy. You throw out some complaints, thousands of people agree, and then you become a famous writer with thousands of fans who'll read anything you have to write for the rest of time. It's really fantastic work if you can get it. 

When you're asked to turn your whole deal around and accentuate the positive for once, it's a mystifying transition. It's kind of difficult, to be honest. Wait, you're asking what the good about the situation I survey? Don't ask me that! All I know is the "Fist Pump" song sets off an alarm on my douche radar (radouche), Joe Buck is out to get us and the BCS causes cancer in lab rats. 

So just remember that it's a major challenge for me to do this, but in the spirit of the season here are 11 notes to the positive. When it comes to Bay Area sports, we should be thankful for...

1. ...Sergio Romo's slider. 

2. ...the San Jose Sharks, who are well on their way to their 12th winning season in 13 years. 

3. ...the fact that the Sharks are playing a full 82-game regular season this year (no labor stoppages, unlike a certain league). 

4. ...the fact that the Warriors, if/when they ever come back, will continue to wear uniforms that look far better than the ones they wore a few years ago -- my sincerest apologies to those still mourning the loss of Thunder.

5. ...another set of uniforms that harkened back to the past, as the San Francisco 49ers did the right thing in going back to (a very close version of) the classic uniforms that they stopped wearing from 1996-2008.

6. easy it is to get to games at Coliseum and Oracle Arena -- via BART, anyway.

7. ...the Raiders traveling to Houston and beating the Texans after Al Davis passed away. A fitting tribute to a man who spent his life dedicated to winning ... and a color scheme that never required augmentation.  

8. last year at this time, the Raiders and 49ers were a combined 8-12; going into Thanksgiving Day this year, they're 15-5. 

9. ...getting to watch Andrew Luck before he becomes an Indianapolis Colt and has to deal with Peyton Manning's inevitable comeback attempt(s) from multiple neck surgeries.

10. ...Denarius Moore, Aldon Smith, Madison Bumgarner, Jemile Weeks, Logan Couture -- young guys already making an impact who are only going to get better.

11. ..."Who's got it better than us? NOBODY!"


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