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Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates, Week 12: Alex Smith, Michael Crabtree Going Up

The Week 13 roster and ratings update for Madden NFL 12 has gone live early this week in anticipation of Thanksgiving, and there's a few changes for the San Francisco 49ers. Though they avoided decreases in rating the last couple weeks, the 49ers are having two players go down this week, following a dominating win over the Arizona Cardinals. In all, there are eight changes for San Francisco.

Six of those changes are increases, so the 49ers are coming out well. Wide receiver Kyle Williams gets the biggest increase, but still appears to be woefully underrated, going from 57 to 64. Quarterback Alex Smith continues his weekly march up rankings, going from 85 to 86, and slowly making his way into the elite. Make the jump for a full list of roster and ratings changes for the 49ers.


QB Alex Smith 85 to 86
WR Kyle Williams 57 to 64
WR Michael Crabtree 81 to 82
LB Ahmad Brooks 80 to 82
LB Aldon Smith 82 to 83
S Donte Whitner 84 to 85


K David Akers 92 to 91
WR Braylon Edwards 83 to 82

Edwards still is a little banged up, as head coach Jim Harbaugh pointed out - he ended up sitting after the first half against the Cardinals. He hasn't been doing much even when healthy, so his decrease is warranted. It's also nice to see Crabtree finally start playing well and get increases. Akers missed a field goal and had two blocked, it's hard to see how he gets dropped a point in the 90s after that. It's not his fault the kicks were blocked ... especially in the windy and raining Candlestick Park.