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AUDIO: Jeff Garcia Talks About Texans Workout, 49ers QB Alex Smith

Jeff Garcia is probably forgotten among the best San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks had to offer, but he was fairly solid in his time at QB. And he's proven that he could play at a fairly productive level long into his career, playing as late as 2008 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Garcia has been considering a comeback, and discussed the issue on 95.7 THE GAME with John Lund & Mychael Urban. He talked about Smith's success. You can listen to the audio by clicking here.

On how he felt his workout went:

I got a call from Houston, I came out, went through a workout with the guys out here and you know, I thought it went pretty well considering there was a little bit of rust to dust off. I felt like considering who they brought in I held my own, and it just comes down to them making the decision as to what direction they want to go in as far as who they’re going to bring in to help out the starter that they have in right now. 

On whether he was worked out individually or in a group with the Texans:

They brought us all together. They brought Kellen Clemens, a kid out of Oregon, Trent Edwards, local guy right there…Stanford product, Los Gatos kid, and Brodie Croyle from Alabama, and Chase Clements I believe, from Rice. So you know, I was the old man of the group but I’ll be the old man of any group that I throw the ball with. And you know, just to be out there and run around, and show that I still have a 30 inch vertical jump for 41 years old…I’m not complaining.

What kind of term would you use to describe what Alex Smith is doing?

I think the main thing, especially at the quarterback position that Alex has done throughout this season is that he’s been consistent. Consistent on a great, on a positive level. He’s gone into every game, he’s really started to eliminate those mistakes that haunted him in the past, and you look at the past, you look at some of the games he had over the past couple of years…there were some signs of being a really good quarterback at times, but he didn’t have the consistency week in and week out. He’d follow one good performance with two or three shaky performances and that’s the most important thing that you can’t have at the quarterback position. So if you look at how he’s playing the game this year, his consistency has been on point week in and week out…and when you’re consistent at the quarterback position, you give yourself a chance to win football games

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