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Dashon Goldson-Early Doucet Fight Video: The Hawk Ejected Following Doucet Instigation

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The San Francisco 49ers victory over the Arizona Cardinals was marred by the fourth quarter ejection of free safety Dashon Goldson. The game was a bit chippy from the start and this was the most significant instance of players throwing punches at each other.

Goldson was ejected for throwing multiple punches at Early Doucet, but as video after the jump shows, Doucet instigated the event. As Goldson sat on the grass following a play, Doucet slapped him in the helmet. I'd imagine they have been getting physical all game long and Doucet was showing his frustrations with his team's poor performance. Goldson then got up and gave Doucet a shove before throwing two punches at him. Teammates pulled them apart as they both tried to continue swinging.

It is worth noting that when Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson threw several punches at DB Cortland Finnegan following some instigation, both players were fined but neither was suspended. One would hope we would see a similar result following this fight, but given the often inconsistent actions of the NFL, it is hard to tell what kind of decision we'll get from the commish.