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ANIMATED: Ted Ginn Blown Up By Stewart Bradley During 49ers-Cardinals

It's been a rough season for the Arizona Cardinals, hasn't it? Offense, defense, special teams ... none of them are performing at a truly high level, outside of the occasional electrifying punt return from Patrick Peterson. Against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, it's more of the same, save for some big blocked field goals. John Skelton is not performing well at all, and the Cardinals have been forced to punt it multiple times. At one point, Patrick Willis had more receptions than anybody for Arizona. It's not pretty.

So, really, they'll take what they can get, and if they can dish out some pain in the process, they'd be more than happy to do so. So when Stewart Bradley saw Ted Ginn Jr. cutting to try and pick up more yardage on a punt return, he relished the opportunity to make contact, and make it really really hard. Ginn was absolutely blown up on this play, but he's alright - no injuries. Make the jump for the animated gif.