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49ers Vs. Cardinals Weather: Early Rain Will Likely Create Muddy Conditions

The San Francisco 49ers host the Arizona Cardinals at Candlestick Park Sunday afternoon and they could be looking at seriously muddy conditions at Bill Walsh Field. The Bay Area has been dealing with rain the last couple days and there was a downpour Sunday morning.

The rain tarps were removed a few hours before game-time, but also before the rain had stopped. The rain has since let up a bit and is expected to stop entirely by game-time. Even with no rain during the game, an hour or two of a downpour might lead to some nasty conditions on the ground. A muddy game slows things down considerably and makes this a slightly more intriguing game.

The 49ers power rushing attack should be in a decent position to succeed in muddy conditions, but slip-sliding could make it interesting. The Cardinals will be looking to get their ground game going with a gimpy Beanie Wells. It will be interesting to see how the rain impacts Wells.