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Alex Smith Fantasy Projection: 49ers QB Looks To Overcome Rain

The San Francisco 49ers welcome the Arizona Cardinals to town in the 49ers first divisional matchup since the season opener. The weather has been a bit dreary in the Bay Area this weekend and it has been raining throughout Sunday morning. The rain is expected to stop by game-time, but conditions could be sloppy at Candlestick Park.

Alex Smith entered this weekend with a solid opportunity against a questionable Cardinals pass defense. The 49ers are significant favorites but it remains to be seen how much they'll open things up against Arizona. The opportunity is there, which makes Alex Smith an intriguing fantasy football option. If the 49ers open things up a bit, he could be in line for a very solid effort.

The folks at project a decent but not great performance of 13.28 points. That is the most likely result, but there is some decent upside. If you have Drew Brees or Ben Roethlisberger and need some fantasy help, Alex Smith is an intriguing little option.