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So Jim Harbaugh And Mike Singletary Walk Into A Bar

This conversation happened before the season concerning Alex Smith. Dan Pompei of the National Football Post with the report.

They exchange pleasantries as old friends do. Then Harbaugh wants to know something. What does Singletary think of Alex Smith?

This is what Singletary tells him: "All he needs is to get off to a good start. He has what it takes. He is a great kid. He’s the kind of player you want your team to be around. He’s a hard worker, smart. A stand up guy. We didn’t get off to a good start. He had such an up and down career. He needs a good start and for people to believe in him. If he has a good start, he’ll grow and become a heck of a good quarterback."

Harbaugh gave him all of those things. Looks like Mike Singletary did one thing that was right for the San Francisco 49ers, even if it came months after he was still the leader of the team.

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