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Frank Gore Injury Update: 49ers RB Will Practice, Will Play Vs. Cardinals

The San Francisco 49ers looked like they could have a potentially big injury when Frank Gore failed to practice yesterday. Gore has been suffering from a knee injury, and he had a very unproductive game against the New York Giants. So it wouldn't have been a huge surprise if Gore didn't suit up this weekend when his Niners play the Arizona Cardinals this week.

Turns out Gore will be fine. The Niners tailback talked to Mindi Bach of CSN Bay Area and she relayed these quotes.

#49ers Gore says he will practice today; missed Wed. practice not b/c of hyper-extended knee, but for rest
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Gore when asked if he will play Sunday: "Yeah, I'll play. I'll play good." (laughs) #49ers
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Gore coming back for the Niners will be big. It's likely that there'll be a lot of pressure directed against him to test how healthy he is and how productive he can be on the field. Gore remarked how the Giants stacked the box to dare Alex Smith to beat him (Smith kind of did beat him, but also kind of didn't). You can expect similar treatment much of the rest of this season.

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