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Madden NFL 12 Week 11 Roster Update: 49ers' Patrick Willis Regains 99 Overall

The Week 11 Madden NFL 12 roster update is set to go live on Friday for Xbox 360 and PS3 users. As the San Francisco 49ers continue to win, and with them passing their biggest test this season against the New York Giants, they're receiving a multitude of increases across the board. There are eleven changes for the 49ers for this update, and none of them are decreases in rating for any player.

In fact, none of those changes are anything other than increases in rating. That's eleven players going up, no depth chart or roster changes; nothing but pure increase - a rarity for a team that has been regularly insulted by the Madden NFL ratings folks on multiple fronts. Of specific note is the fact that linebacker Patrick Willis gets the 99 rating back (the highest on the game). He had this coveted rating in Madden NFL 11, but for some reason, they took it away for this iteration. Make the jump for a full list of 49ers changes.


QB Alex Smith 84 to 85
HB Kendall Hunter 73 to 75
OL Adam Snyder 78 to 79
DL Isaac Sopoaga 82 to 83
DL Justin Smith 97 to 98
LB Patrick Willis 98 to 99
LB NaVorro Bowman 85 to 86
CB Carlos Rogers 87 to 89
S Dashon Goldson 81 to 82
K David Akers 90 to 92
P Andy Lee 92 to 94

Justin Smith's increase is significant because he's now one away from the coveted 99 overall rating. Hunter is receiving, I think, his first increase this season, which is a good sign. NaVorro Bowman continues his march up the ratings and Rogers is getting very, very close to a 90 overall, which is a great sign. Also nice to see Lee get the respect he deserves. To be honest, I was expecting some decreases here and there, notably to HB Frank Gore and DE Ray McDonald, but it looks like EA has noticed when a player is injured, for once.