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2012 NFL Pro Bowl Results: San Francisco 49ers Have Andy Lee, Justin Smith, Patrick Willis In Position

The San Francisco 49ers have several players in Pro Bowl position, like punter Andy Lee, defensive end Justin Smith and inside linebacker Patrick Willis.

The San Francisco 49ers are 7-1. But unfortunately they don't have any of their top performers quite yet breaking through to be the top at their position to earn their Pro Bowl berths. The only one who's currently placing first at their position is punter Andy Lee, who's been booting it at a record 50.5 yard average and a 43.8 yard net average.

That being said, there are a few Niners in good position if they can keep on performing as well as they have. Currently defensive tackle Justin Smith is trailing Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions (but both should end up making the final cut), and inside linebacker Patrick Willis is trading Desmond Bishop of the Green Bay Packers (and both should make the final cut here). David Akers is trailing Mason Crosby and Ted Ginn Jr. is trailing Devin Hester, so both of them have a steeper upward climb to getting to the Pro Bowl.

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