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Frank Gore Injury Report: 49ers RB Not Practicing During Media Section

Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49ers isn't looking too good for returning this week against the Arizona Cardinals. Or is he?

According to various media members at Niners practice, Gore wasn't practicing during this Wednesday's open media session, which would leave you with the impression that the Niners tailback is being held out for precautionary reasons to not rush him back. That doesn't necessarily mean he won't practice today, because there is a closed section where Gore could indeed suit up and get going. Perhaps Harbaugh is practicing gamesmanship here and trying to make the Cardinals think he's more banged up than he really is.

Regardless, the 49ers do have decent backup running back options if needed. Kendall Hunter and Anthony Dixon will likely have to step up here, and Alex Smith could throw more screens and short plays to try and pick up decent yards. But the Niners aren't a complete team if Gore is out.

Star defensive end Justin Smith also sat out. Highly unlikely that he sits out this weekend.

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