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Vernon Davis Week 10 Fantasy Update: 49ers Tight End Has Decent Week, Makes History [VIDEO]

The San Francisco 49ers picked up yet another big win on Sunday, defeating the New York Giants 27-20 to improve their record to 8-1 this season. Several key players contributed to the victory, and the San Francisco defense was integral in holding off the Giants, but Vernon Davis had a notable week offensively.

David has been fielding fewer passes as of late, averaging just over three catches per game in the last six weeks. On Sunday, he again had three catches for 40 total yards, but his 31 yard touchdown pass from Alex Smith in the fourth quarter was significant. The TD gave him a career total of 33, which ties him with Brent Jones for the most touchdown receptions by a tight end in San Francisco 49ers franchise history.

In case you weren't able to see the historic touchdown, we've provided you with a video below. Particularly enjoyable is the leap into the end zone while being tackled in midair.

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