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49ers Vs. Giants: Vernon Davis TD, Michael Crabtree 2-pt Conversion Give 49ers Lead [VIDEO]

The San Francisco 49ers fell behind the the New York Giants after giving up a big touchdown in the third quarter. But the 49ers offense was not to be deterred, or more specifically, the unusually quiet Vernon Davis was not to be disturbed. Alex Smith hit Davis big time on the left side of the field and Davis had open field in front of him. When he got to about the two-yard line, Davis slowed down and prepped himself for a huge jump, colliding in the air with the Giants defender and falling into the touchdown.

Following that, wanting to go up seven points, the 49ers went for the two-point conversion. Wide receiver Michael Crabtree lined up with running back Kendall Hunter in the backfield, to Smith's left. Crabtree motioned out to the right side and caught a wide open pass in the flat on the right side to secure the two-point conversion and put the 49ers up seven. Below, we've got a video of the touchdown, the two-point conversion, and an animated .gif of the Vernon Davis leap.

Davis Touchdown

Two Point Conversion