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49ers Vs. Giants Score Update: Eli Manning Throws TD, Giants Lead 13-12 Going Into 4th

The 49ers start the half on the 20 yard line, and open things up with a 14-yard completion to Delanie Walker. Then it's running back Kendall Hunter on the 11-yard carry. Hunter gets in the way of a blitzer and Alex Smith is able to throw another completion, picking up another first down and moving into New York territory. Running back Anthony Dixon comes into the game and picks up eight yards on a toss. Then it's Hunter again, picking up the first down just barely. Delanie Walker gets a reception over the middle and turns it into a big gain, setting the 49ers up at 1st and ten on the ten. Three incomplete passes later, and David Akers is kicking his fourth field goal to put the 49ers up 12-6.

The Giants take the field and the 49ers force the first punt of the game, with a big sack from Patrick Willis on third down. There's a bit of controversy as folks though Ted Ginn might have touched the ball before the Giants touched it. But the referees rule he didn't touch it and the Giants are charged a timeout. Frank Gore checks back in after being labeled as questionable. The 49ers quickly go three-and-out though, and Andy Lee comes out to make his first punt of the game. 

New York takes over at their own 16 yard line. They face an early third down, but Eli Manning completes a 36-yard pass to Victor Cruz to convert to first down. Manning goes deep again and Dashon Goldson gets the pick, but he can't keep his feet in bound. The Giants eventually convert another first down and end up with a 1st and 10 on the 17-yard line. Eventually, they're facing a third down with six yards to go. Eli Manning throws a great pass to Mario Manningham, who beats rookie Chris Culliver to get his feet down in the back of the end zone. An extra point gives the Giants a 13-12 lead.

San Francisco comes out and, after an incompletion and false start, they're sitting at 2nd and 15 on the 21-yard line. Then an incompletion to Delanie Walker, thrown very low, gives them a quick third down. Alex Smith runs it for a couple yards and the 49ers are forced to punt. After a holding penalty, the Giants have a 1st and 10 on the 15-yard line.

The Giants face an early third down, a 3rd and 4 after the punt. Manning is pressured big time by Aldon Smith and the 49ers will get the ball back. The punt goes out of bounds at the 50-yard line. The third quarter comes to an end after a six-yard scamper by Hunter.