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49ers Vs. Giants Score Update: Field Goals Put 49ers Up 9-6 At Half, Plus Video Of Carlos Rogers INT

The second quarter begins at the start of a New York Giants drive, with a 2nd-and-three on the 27-yard line. They start off with a 21-yard completion to Victor Cruz from a shotgun formation - empty backfield. New York goes with an I-Formation next and Jacobs is stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Then New York gets a one-yard gain and the Giants have a 3rd and 9. Manning completes it to Manningham, who gets the first down at the sideline. That was followed up with another big pass, fourteen yards to Manningham for another first down. Manning had another guy open, but he overthrows him and it's a 2nd and 10. Bear Pascoe gets the next completion, for nine yards, and it brings up a 3rd and 1. Jacobs gets the first down and then some, with four yards. After a couple more plays, the GIants are once again facing a 3rd and 9 in San Francisco territory. Manning completes a pass to Ballard, but it's short of a first down and the 49ers get the stop. New York kicks a 25-yard field goal and it's good, giving them a 6-3 lead.

San Francisco takes over at their own 20 yard line. They get started with a 14-yard completion to wide receive Kyle Williams for a first down. The Giants go offsides so Alex Smith just lobs the ball, it's picked - but again, they're offsides. So the 49ers get a first down, and then Smith hits Michael Crabtree on a nice 21-yard reception for another first down. Gore is stuffed on the next play, getting a couple yards. Then it's Smith hitting Crabtree again, but this time Crabtree got called for offensive pass interference. The 49ers run the ball and lose yards again on the next play, but Edwards catches a 17-yard reception on the next play, setting David Akers up with a 52-yard field goal try. So naturally, he makes it, and the 49ers tie the game 6-6.

The 49ers go for the surprise onside kick and Delanie Walker recovered it for possession. The 49ers get a completion on first down, for nine yards to Ted Ginn Jr. Frank Gore goes to run the ball there and is stuffed, so the 49ers have a third down. But it's a completion to Walker over the middle for big yardage and the 49ers have a new set of downs. Gore is stuffed again on first down. Smith has some guys open, but he's sacked big time - a loss of eight yards. Smith scrambles for 12 yards and sets the 49ers up in field goal range. Akers drills one from 39 yards and the 49ers take a 9-6 lead.

New York gets the ball back at their own 22 yard line. Cruz drops a wide open pass on first down. Then it's Carlos Rogers picking off the football - does a salsa dance. And the 49ers have another shot at it. Dashon Goldson avoided a flag blowing up a Giants receiver on the opposite side of the field. Alex Smith scrambles for big yardage after the 49ers take out and they have a first down with one timeout left, 45 seconds to go with the ball on the 24-yard line.

Smith throws a great pass to Ted Ginn, but he drops the easy reception and it's picked off by Webster. The Giants take over with just over half a minute to go. They kill the clock and the half comes to an end, with the 49ers up 9-6.