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Eli Manning And Frank Gore Together In College? Nearly Happened

At least, that's what Eli Manning thinks. Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chornicle reports.

On a conference call with the Bay Area media Wednesday, Giants quarterback Eli Manning said he wasn’t sure why Niners running back Frank Gore ultimately decided to sign with Miami instead of joining Manning at Ole Miss in 2001.

"Y’all can ask him that," Manning said.

Frank Gore elaborates on why he didn't join up with Eli.

Today, following Manning’s suggestion, we did ask Gore about why he stayed in his home state for college. He explained that his late mother was in declining health and Miami coaches offered a persuasive sales pitch.

"They were like: ‘You want to be the best? Then come play with the best. I know you’re not scared of competing. Come to Miami,’" Gore said.

I somehow Gore doubts his decision that much. Playing with the Hurricanes probably elevated his draft stock a bit and put him in the NFL. Would he have performed even better with Manning as his quarterback? Unclear, but it certainly wouldn't be too surprising.

It's pretty clear that both have succeeded in spite of their inability to play together. Funny how that works.

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