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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: AFC West Turning Into A Jumbled Mess

Week eight of the NFL season has come to a close and we are looking at a potentially mad dash to the finish line in the AFC West. Through seven games, the Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers are all sitting at 4-3 in the division. The Chiefs have the edge thanks to victories over both the Raiders and Chargers, but this race is a long way from being decided.

SB Nation released their Week 9 NFL Power Rankings and they have the three AFC West teams bunched up at 15 (Chiefs), 16 (Chargers) and 17 (Raiders). The Denver Broncos come in at a robust 29 and I don't think even Tim Tebow can save them this year. The remaining games between these three are as follows:

Oakland Raiders
Week 10 - @ San Diego Chargers
Week 16 - @ Kansas City Chiefs
Week 17 - vs. San Diego Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs
Week 16 - vs. Oakland

San Diego Chargers
Week 10 - vs. Oakland
Week 17 - @ Oakland

Oakland has the most remaining games against the division, but given how tight this race is looking, every extra win will count. The divisional games are huge, but the Raiders will have plenty of other games they will need to win. They absolutely cannot lose to Denver this week. They also cannot lose at Miami and probably Minnesota as well. It should make for a fun second half of the 2011 NFL season.