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Josh Morgan Injury Update: Sources Indicate Fractured Right Ankle

The San Francisco 49ers are not really giving any official indication about the status of Josh Morgan. It's a mix of good news and bad news based on who you listen to. But the last report is probably the bleakest.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh didn't seem to reveal much information about Morgan's status when asked about it after the game.

Jim harbaugh said: "Q: What’s the injury status of Joshua Morgan?

HARBAUGH: We’ll see, we’ll see. When we were out there on the field Josh said it was starting to cool down. We’ll get an evaluation."

Mindi Bach of CSN tweeted some interesting news after the game.

No official word on extent of Joshua Morgan's injury. He left locker room on crutches. No MRI scheduled; I assume saw what needed on xray

The lack of an MRI potentially means Morgan didn't suffer any ligament damage. It could also mean Morgan suffered a clean break and no MRI would be needed.

However, the talk around the locker room seemed to suggest Morgan had sustained a serious injury. And now sources after the game indicate a firm verdict on what the injury could be. Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area reports.

The 49ers' victory came at a cost, as receiver Joshua Morgan sustained a fractured right ankle, a source close to Morgan told on Sunday evening.

 If it is a fracture, Morgan is likely out of it for awhile, leaving the Niners with Michael Crabtree, Ted Ginn and Kyle Williams. Not a bad group of receivers, but I'm sure Harbaugh would have to constrain his playbook.


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