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49ers vs. Buccaneers Score Update: Alex Smith, 49ers Add To Lead, Winning 41-3 In Fourth

San Francisco deferred to start the game, so the Buccaneers kick off to start the half and it goes out the back of the endzone. Frank Gore takes the first carry, and picks up fourteen yards to the right side. Then another run, and a short pass brings them to third down, where Alex Smith breaks to run, but stops to hit Vernon Davis for the first down. Unfortunately, Mike Iupati is called for holding and the 49ers get 3rd-and-14. Of course, Michael Crabtree gets exactly fifteen yards on the next play, so that's good. Then an illegal contact penalty gives them five yards and another first down. Josh Morgan and Michael Crabtree are out on Smith's left, and he hits Morgan on a screen, who ends up getting 24-yards and another first down. Then it's Vernon Davis over the middle, he catches it and bulldozes his way into the endzone, and the 49ers go up 31-3 after the extra point.

The Buccaneers start it off with a 12-yard reception to Kellen Winslow. Then head coach Raheem Morris is called for unsportsmanlike conduct, while shouting at the referee, who was trying to watch the next play. The Bucs get another reception to Winslow, this one for 13-yards, and then LeGarrete Blount gets a nice little underneath pass from Freeman, who threatened to tuck and run it and pulled Ahmad Brooks off of Blount. That play ends up going for 27 yards. They get eight yards on the next first down, and then are set up with a 3rd-and-2 after Patrick Willis prevents a reception that might have been dead from the beginning. The Bucs go for the pass on third-and-short, but the 49ers get in the way of it and now Tampa Bay is going for it on fourth down. It's incomplete, and the 49ers take over.

 Frank Gore gets a big run, for nineteen yards. Then after a false start penalty, he's good for eighteen more on another run, passing the 100-yard mark.  Kendall Hunter takes a toss outside and gets another first down, setting San Francisco up at the 16-yard line. The Buccaneers call a timeout. San Francisco gets another first down when the Buccaneers were called for unnecessary roughness. But the 49ers end up with a 3rd-and-10. Smith throws it right to a defender, Michael Crabtree didn't turn when he expected, but the ball is dropped. It's a 28-yard field goal by David Akers though, giving the 49ers a 34-3 lead.

The Buccaneers complete a pass over the middle to Mike Williams, who is absolutely crushed by Dashon Goldson. After securing the catch, the ball pops loose, and the 49ers recover. They take over at the 36-yard line. A few plays later and Akers is lining up for, and makes a 46-yard field goal, but leverage is called and Jim Harbaugh takes points off the board. Then Alex Smith hits Vernon Davis in the back of the endzone for a touchdown and the 49ers take an even bigger lead. It's a 14-yard touchdown reception, and Akers makes it 41-3 at the beginning of the fourth quarter.