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49ers vs. Buccaneers Score Update: Alex Smith, Delanie Walker Hook Up, 49ers Lead 7-3

The 49ers won the toss and deferred to the second half, as they have all four times they've won the toss this season. The Buccaneers come out and get a couple yards on a reception to LeGarrette Blount, and then six yards on a rush from him. They're set up with a 3rd-and-2, and get the first, but are called for illegal motion and take a five-yard penalty. Then Josh Freeman throws an incompletion and the Bucs have to punt. Ted Ginn takes it to the 50-yard-line and has a 22-yard return.

Alex Smith gets good protection on the first play of the drive, going through his reads and then going underneath to Frank Gore for five yards. Then an encroachment penalty gives the 49ers a first-down. San Francisco calls a timeout, like they usually do in the beginning of a game, and it's a two-yard run to Frank Gore. Then a big reception underneath to Gore again, and on first down, the 49ers go for the pass from the 26-yard line. Delanie Walker goes up the seam and Smith drops a pass into him beautifully. After a David Akers extra point, it's 7-0. Four plays, 50 yards.

Tampa Bay starts off with an incompletion, but then get a big chunk, 33 yards after a missed tackle by the 49ers. They get to a 3rd-and-1 after Tarell Brown falls just short of getting the interception deep in the endzone. Freeman takes the QB sneak and gets the first down and another yard. It's Blount again on first down, but he only gets one. The Buccaneers keep it going though, and a series of short passes later, they're set up at the 25-yard line. And then after another pass, they're on the 12-yard line with another first down. Fortunately, the 49ers defense comes up finally, and makes the stop, limiting the Buccaneers to a field goal.

With 7-3 the score and 3:53 remaining in the first quarter, the 49ers get the ball back, at the 25-yard line, following a Kendall Hunter return. To start things off, it's a 21-yard reception to Michael Crabtree, and then a 24-yard from wide receiver Ted Ginn, who makes about six cuts on the run and makes several people look stupid on the way. After a failed toss to Frank Gore, a slant to receiver Joshua Morgan goes for 14 yards. The 49ers look good, but Gore hits his own guy and fumbles the ball, and the Buccaneers recover it on the 11-yard line.  The quarter comes to an end.