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NFL Power Rankings: 49ers, Raiders Ranked Similarly Once Again

Just as many publications have done this week, CBS Sports has released their power rankings and the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders are similarly ranked once again.

The 49ers continued their ascension towards the top-10 with a big road victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, a team picked by many to win the Super Bowl. As for the Raiders, week four was not kind to the young team as Tom Brady and the high-flying Patriots offense came to town and dismantled Oakland at home. 

With a ranking of No. 16, here is what they had to say regarding the 49ers: "Jim Harbaugh has done a nice job getting this team to 3-1. Winning consecutive games in the Eastern Time Zone is tough to do, even if they did stay over between games."

And coming in at No. 17 was the Raiders: "Just when we think they're ready to take a step forward, they revert to some old habits. Tom Brady shredded that defense. Now they have to regroup against the Texans on the road."

Consistency will be the key for both teams and they have tough matchups in week four. A strong performance will continue their solid start to the season and continue to boost the teams up the power rankings.

As for the rest of the league, the Packers, Lions, Patriots, Ravens and Chargers headlined the top-five.