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49ers Vs. Browns Video: NT Isaac Sopoaga Gets A Catch

There were a lot of unexpected players making big plays for the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. First big Joe Staley rumbled and stumbled his way for a big first down on an early scoring drive to help give San Francisco early breathing room.

Then on the game-clinching drive, Jim Harbaugh dialed up another play for another big man, calling on one Mr. Isaac Sopoaga to make the play. And he doesn't even play offense!

Find out what happens after the jump.

Keep in mind this was a close game in the 4th quarter on a 3rd and three when Harbaugh makes this call to hit the nose tackle rolling out into the flats for the crucial first down pickup. This is showing extreme trust and perhaps a hint of madness as well. But it worked brilliantly, and San Francisco strode to victory from there.

Crazy things happening in San Francisco. Crazy, crazy things.

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