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VIDEO: Frank Gore Passes Roger Craig As 49ers Second All-Time Leading Rusher

The San Francisco 49ers got an early boost from Frank Gore as he piled on the yards early against the Cleveland Browns. And in seven short years he's already passed one of San Francisco's most beloved rushers.

Roger Craig is best remembered as the backfield mate of Joe Montana on those dynastic 49ers that captured their first Super Bowl. Craig rushed for over 7000 yards with the Niners to place him the second on the list.

Now Craig is third on the list. See the video of Gore passing Craig after the jump. 

Gore has one more player to best, and he can probably do it this year--conditionally. Joe Perry has 7,344 yards, although that record holds for NFL years. Perry actually has 8,689 for the 49ers if you count old AAFC years. Thus if he believes in full-time records, Gore might have to stick around a season or two more to reach that total.

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