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49ers Vs. Browns Video: Joe Staley Notches First Career Catch

Don't ever say San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh doesn't love his offensive linemen. He loves to watch them block, seal things off, and then take off running. Sometimes he'll even let them carry the football!

Take Joe Staley for instance, perhaps the best offensive linemen for the 49ers. The offensive tackle lined up as an eligible receiver, pretended to block, then went out and caught a pass out of the backfield and rumbled his way for 17 yards. Video after the jump.

Takes a lot of guts and confidence to trust your lineman to make a catch like that in the open field, but it does show off how much trust Harbaugh has in his O-linemen to make a play--and how you can use extra linemen in ways other than blocking.

And the celebration after the catch makes this playcall even more worth it than usual.

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