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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 5: San Francisco 49ers Defense Worth A Look

You're probably at the point where most of your moving parts are set for the season barring injury. Sadly, the San Francisco 49ers, despite their 3-1 record, probably don't have any attractive options for you to pick up.

  • Frank Gore had a nice week, but it's not like he's available for you to pick up. Just make sure not to be silly enough to drop him; keep him on the bench until he's ready to go.
  • Kendall Hunter is putting up decent numbers as the second-string tailback, but his reliability cannot be trusted at this point because his snap total is likely to be inconsistent.
  • Alex Smith is getting better, and his two touchdown throws against the Eagles make him look like he can be reliable at some point. But right now he's best used as a backup QB.
  • If you really want to pick anyone up for the 49ers, go with the defense and special teams, since the average Tampa Bay offense is next on the docket.

Yeah, sorry, no real interesting options for San Francisco right now.

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