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Don't Forget About Ronnie Brown And His Fumble, Because He Won't (VIDEO)

We've already posted a video of Justin Smith and his awesome fumble recovery, and we've already taken a look at the running backs and how they did ... plus we've already broken down the sacks and what each meant. Now we just have one thing left to do. (Not literally, more analysis yet to come, but you get the idea)

Obviously, we have to take a good look at Ronnie Brown and his fumble at the goal line. That might sound bad, but if you didn't watch it already, I guarantee you have no idea just how bad it was. It's actually unclear whether or not Brown was thinking, so the question "What was he thinking?!" need not apply in this scenario. For some reason, as he's falling, he spins backward, draws back his arm and makes a throwing motion. Make the jump for a video.

I really considered breaking this down as best I could but ... I mean honestly - what's the point? Brown simply does something incredibly idiotic. The play obviously wasn't designed that way, he wasn't supposed to turn and toss the football back, contact or no contact. He just did it for some reason. In a way, it kind of reflects the way the Eagles have been playing of late, and their 1-3 record after being dubbed the "Dream Team." Brown's probably going to have nightmares after that one.