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49ers vs. Eagles Video: Justin Smith Forced Fumble On Jeremy Maclin

The San Francisco rallied to beat the Philadelphia Eagles thanks to the passing of Alex Smith, who distributed the ball to Michael Crabtree, Josh Morgan, Kendall Hunter and Vernon Davis and rushing of Frank Gore, which carved up a fairly hollow Philly interior. But the biggest play came defensively.

Philadelphia tried to drive late in the 4th quarter to recapture the lead from SF when Michael Vick found Jeremy Maclin on a wide receiver screen. Maclin was able to reach out and snare the ball in, but he had to catch up to the ball, forcing him to adapt to the throw and move a step slower than he'd have liked. This allowed the defense to catch up.

Surprisingly, it wasn't any of the regular 49ers suspects who ended up making the play. It was instead 280+ pound defensive end Justin Smith who stripped Maclin from behind. Dashon Goldson recovered it and the Niners ran out the clock from there.

Check out the forced fumble by Smith after the jump! (Also, numerous other highlights from the San Francisco-Philadelphia game!)

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